Old Series Ordnance Survey Author: John Rocque First Published: 1746 ISBN: 0 903541 16 5 Chart of the routes taken by Bonnie Prince Charlie in Great Britain and the marches of his army and of the English. The sieges are distinguished as are the battles that were fought in this enterprise more information... Author: John Rocque First Published: 1748 ISBN: 0 903541 21 1 This is the sixth volume in the series of eight and covers the Welsh counties (except for small parts of Flintshire, Radnorshire and Eastern Monmouthshire, and including parts of Cheshire, Herefordshi more information... Reproduction of maps of the counties have been published as part of an expanding series. The Yorkshire Rose This is the seventh volume in the series of eight and covers the North Central England (Cheshire, Derbyshire, most of Flint, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire, southern La more information... Each pack has been faithfully reproduced on thick card and contains an introduction; both are contained in a card packet similar to those found in modern playing cards. Author: Pieter Van Den Keere First Published: 1605 ISBN: 0 903541 00 9 The 1850s had seen a growth in the demand for universal knowledge and with it the establishment of a free public library system. Publishers were not slow to grasp the implications of the Public L more information... Not all of us have plan chests in our houses! The maps concerned have been faithfully reproduced in the original scale (with the exception of one large scale map that has been slightly reduced) on high quality paper and case bound in A4 format together with a dust jacket.This publication contains a collection of the most important maps published during the period. 26 sheets plus an introduction by the late R A Skelton, sometime Superintendent of the Map Room of the B more information...This is an extract from A Map of the County of Sussex from an Actual Survey made in the years 1823 and 1824 by C & I Greenwood. This map is part of the collection 250 Years of Mapmaking in the Count more information... Atlas of the British Isles Author: Filippo Morghen First Published: 1768 ISBN: 0 903541 43 2 British Colonies in North America Index of the Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark

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18th Century North America - Part 1 - The British Empire in America
Author: Henry Popple First Published: 1733
ISBN: 0 903541 11 4
The first part of the series contains a reproduction of a map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto, by Henry Popple, 1733. This is presented in 21  more information...
18th Century North America - Part 2
Author: John Mitchell, John Fry, Peter Jefferson, Claude Joseph Sauthier, Captain Holland, Thomas Jeffreys First Published: 1751-76
ISBN: 0 903541 12 2
The second part of the series covers a collection of maps reproduced in 19 sheets plus a cover sheet and an introduction by Louis de Vorsey, Professor of Geography at the Universtity of Georgia:
-  more information...
A map of the most inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole of the province of Maryland with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina.
Author: John Fry and Peter Jefferson First Published: 1775
This is the first printed map of Virginia to be prepared and authored by Virginians. Perhaps even more import than the citizenship were the attainments and personal experiences of its authors, Joshua   more information...
British Colonies in North America
Author: John Mitchell First Published: 1755
This truly grand map, covering the area from Labrador and Hudson's Bay South to the Gulf of Mexico and West from the Atlantic to the high plains, has been approprietly identified by experst as the sin  more information...
The Provinces of New York and New Jersey, part of Pennsilvania and Quebec - Southern sheet
Author: Major Holland First Published: 1776
Although the major authorship of this handsome map is credited to Samuel Holland, the long-time Surveyor General of the British Northern District in America and the colony of Quebec, there is reason t  more information...
18th Century North America - Part 3
Author: Emmanuel Bowen, John Gibson, W Skull, Henry Mouzon, Thomas Jefferys, Lt Ross, Captain Carver First Published: 1775
ISBN: 0 903541 25 4
The final part of the series covers a collection of maps reproduced in 20 sheets plus a cover sheet and an introduction by William P Cumming and Douglas W Marshall, Curator of Maps at William L Clemen  more information...

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