Author: N/A First Published: 1809 - 1813 ISBN: 0 903541 02 5 Map covers the area 28 deg N to 52 deg N and from 52 deg W to 107 deg W, with an inset map of Hudsons Bay. The assembled map will cover 76 inches wide by 54 inches high. This map forms part of the more information... Author: John Rocque First Published: 1746 ISBN: 0 903541 47 5A collection of the most important maps published during the period. In 27 sheets plus a cover sheet and an Introduction by William Ravenhill of Exeter University. more information...By 1776, a comprehensive series of maps had been published which covered both the continent as a whole and individual states or groups of states. By 1776, a comprehensive series of maps had been published which covered both the continent as a whole and individual states or groups of states. Author: N/A First Published: N/A ISBN: N/A John Rocque Author: Henry Popple First Published: 1733 ISBN: 0 903541 11 4 London Maps Reproduction of maps of the counties have been published as part of an expanding series. Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales - Volume 4 Author: William Faden First Published: 1801 ISBN: 0 903541 42 4A to Z - The series of five A to Z editions for London and the edition for Georgian Dublin provide the collector the ability to own facsimiles of the rare and less rare maps of great importance in the history of both cities, in a format that is easily storable. Author: N/A First Published: 1822 - 1835 ISBN: 0 903541 04 1 The Yorkshire Rose Author: William Morgan First Published: 1682 ISBN: 0 903541 29 7 This is the final volume in the series of eight and covers Northern England (from a line just South of Burnley, Leeds and Selby to the Scottish border) and the Isle of Man. The illustrated introducto more information...

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Title: A to Z of Restoration London
Author: John Ogilby
First Published: 1676
ISBN: 0 903541 46 7
Description: The atlas section of this volume contains the 20 sheets from John Ogilby and William Morgan's large scale survey of the City of London, drawn to a scale of 52 3/4" to 1 mile are presented as 40 two-page spreads at full scale. The survey was first published in 1676, ten years after the Great Fire, and shows the City as newly rebuilt. This survey, encouraged by Charles II and financially backed by the Corporation of London would be 'the Glory and Masterpiece of the whole Undertaking' to produce volumes of county maps and town plans under the title Britannia, the first of which was published by Ogilby in 1675. Also included in this volume is an excellent introduction by Ralph Hyde and a key map.
The index section which includes almost 2,000 items, is based on Ogilby and Morgan's Explanation, published in 1677, but has been considerably improved. It will enable users to find any street of the time and the majority of lanes, courts, alleys, yards, passages and quays, as well as many important public building.
Published in association with Guildhall Library, London.
Pages: 104 pages
Size: A4
Scale: 1 inch to I mile
Status: In print

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