Author: William Faden First Published: 1801 ISBN: 0 903541 42 4 Author: John Wren and Mathew Andrews First Published: 1768 ISBN: N/A Author: Charles Evans, I Whitelaw and Simpkin Marshall & Co. First Published: 1849 ISBN: N/A Author: William Faden First Published: 1801 ISBN: 0 903541 42 4Bonnie Prince Charlie - Campaign Marches Author: Robert Randoll First Published: 1901 - 1920 ISBN: 0 903541 35 1 Ten Fantasy Engravings of the 18th Century. These plates by the Florentine artist mark an interesting moment in the history of speculation about life on the moon. A collection of the most remarkabl more information... Author: George Aikman First Published: 1893 ISBN: 0 903541 38 6 Because of the military significance of the invasion coast facing France, the Southern counties were covered first, being fully mapped by 1819. Old Series Ordnance Survey A new and Correct Chart showing the Variations of the Compass in the Western and Southern Oceans as observed in the year 1700 Author: N/A First Published: 1702 ISBN: N/A 17th Century Woodcuts - small This publication contains both the Survey and the Plan of London. For details, see the entries above. Introduction by James Howgego, Keeper of Prints and Pictures, Guildhall Library.Publishe more information... Period Prints Author: N/A First Published: N/A ISBN: N/A The first part of the series contains a reproduction of a map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto, by Henry Popple, 1733. This is presented in 21 more information... The detail displayed will be of great interest to historians, genealogists as well as those interested in cartography.

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Please view our large selection of antique and rare maps of london.

The series of map facsimiles published comprise of large scale English county maps, the Old Series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, maps of London and Dublin, but also of North America at the time of the revolution.

The maps of London and Dublin have also been published in a series of six A to Zs, in hardback A4 format. Similarly, facsimiles of the Old Series Ordnance Series maps have been published in hardback but in a slightly larger format.

In addition to the map facsimiles, we publish facsimiles of 17th century playing cards and other individual prints, such as the Grand Panorama of London and Hawke's Spoils of War ship prints.

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