The second part of the series covers a collection of maps reproduced in 19 sheets plus a cover sheet and an introduction by Louis de Vorsey, Professor of Geography at the Universtity of Georgia: British Colonies in North America Author: Martin Lavigne First Published: 1860 ISBN: N/A Other Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales - Volume 6 This important map also forms part of the 18th Century North America - Part 2 collection listed above. more information... Old Series Ordnance SurveyLondon Maps - The range of fine facsimiles of the London maps provide the collector the ability to own facsimiles of the rare and less rare maps of great importance in the history of this great city. The final part of the series covers a collection of maps reproduced in 20 sheets plus a cover sheet and an introduction by William P Cumming and Douglas W Marshall, Curator of Maps at William L Clemen more information... The 1850s had seen a growth in the demand for universal knowledge and with it the establishment of a free public library system. Publishers were not slow to grasp the implications of the Public L more information... County of Kent Author: N/A First Published: 1702 ISBN: N/A Portraits of the French and Spanish ships taken by Lord Anson Vice Admiral of the Blue), Captain Buckle and Sir Edward Hawke (Rear Admiral of the White) in two strategically important sea battles in 1 more information... County Maps - In the 18th Century, with the improvement of the roads, travelling became easier and people began to be interested in the country around them. In 1666, London was almost twice the size it had been at the moment of James Is accession, with much of the new development to the West of the Citys boundaries. This left the City itself in its mai more information... Author: N/A First Published: 1851 ISBN: N/A The facsimiles themselves also make exceptional wall displays.This is the third volume in the series of eight and covers South-central England (Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, East Somerset, East Sussex & South Wiltshire). The illustrated introductory essay is by J more information...

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High quality facsimiles of rare 16th to 19th century maps, 17th and 18th century playing cards and individual prints from the same period are part of our collections.

The series of map facsimiles published comprise of large scale English county maps, the Old Series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, maps of London and Dublin, but also of North America at the time of the revolution.

The maps of London and Dublin have also been published in a series of six A to Zs, in hardback A4 format. Similarly, facsimiles of the Old Series Ordnance Series maps have been published in hardback but in a slightly larger format.

In addition to the map facsimiles, we publish facsimiles of 17th century playing cards and other individual prints, such as the Grand Panorama of London and Hawke's Spoils of War ship prints.

Please see our A -Z Collection:
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